venerdì 14 aprile 2017

About the cold, the skin and a solution

This time I will to talk about something that really saved my life when I arrived here in Reading.
As I said, it was cold (the day I landed was snowing!) and there was always a very strong wind. I love this kind of wheather BUT my skin do not love it as well. So, in a couple of days, I had all the leg's skin cracked and my face and hands as well. 
So I entered the first Boots store (the one near my new home) and started to search for something that could help
And then I found.
I tried the oil and the cream of this line of products. They are both fantastic, the oil has a fantastic smell of coconut biscuits and leave your skin silky and the cream is very mosturizing (although it is in a jar, so when you open it the air and bacteria enters and fast kills the active principles... I'll try another package of the same line next time).
I just wanted to share this little episode of everyday life :)

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