lunedì 19 giugno 2017


When I came back home from Annecy film festival (which was simply amazing, and I'll try to talk about it in a next post) I did find on the table of the kitchen a new jar containing freesias.
They are my favourite flowers, I love their round shapes, the soft smell and brilliant colours that represents in nature my favourite colour palette.
And I love my husband who always has a sweet thought for me.

venerdì 2 giugno 2017

Portrait of my sister

Hi! This time not exactly a story. This morning I wake up from a lot of dreams about my sister Giada, I miss her!
So here a portrait of her holding my cat. Echo (the cat) has a very not-amused-at-all-face XD

venerdì 14 aprile 2017

About the cold, the skin and a solution

This time I will to talk about something that really saved my life when I arrived here in Reading.
As I said, it was cold (the day I landed was snowing!) and there was always a very strong wind. I love this kind of wheather BUT my skin do not love it as well. So, in a couple of days, I had all the leg's skin cracked and my face and hands as well. 
So I entered the first Boots store (the one near my new home) and started to search for something that could help
And then I found.
I tried the oil and the cream of this line of products. They are both fantastic, the oil has a fantastic smell of coconut biscuits and leave your skin silky and the cream is very mosturizing (although it is in a jar, so when you open it the air and bacteria enters and fast kills the active principles... I'll try another package of the same line next time).
I just wanted to share this little episode of everyday life :)

martedì 28 febbraio 2017


Thames, Reading - Berkshire
After few meters from the train station we crossed a little alley and this is what I saw at the end of it: the thames, the park.

It was so exciting.

Surely not the best view of the area, but this is an indelible memory to me.
It was like all the light water and the breadth of the park was a sort of way to enlarge my own heart.

I felt so happy and so welcomed by this new place that, from that day onward, I could call home.
So happy that I literally abandoned my luggages to start taking pictures with my phone :)

domenica 12 febbraio 2017

First snow

The landscape from my seat on the train to Reading

Yesterday and the day before was falling a bit of snow.
This makes me remember that the day after my arrival there were a lot of areas widely covered with soft white snow.

Maybe this seems not very interesting for someone used to it, but in Italy I lived near the sea and snow it's for me still like a sort of magic.

That day a friend of mine, who moved to work in London several months before me, sent me a text. Apparently no (serious) rain fell until my husband moved to England (in October) and no snow was seen until I moved here too. He said to us that we have to start questioning ourselves about this XD

martedì 31 gennaio 2017

A warm welcome

Starter Kit

Hi guys.

This blog was silent for a very long time. Probably because I have crossed a period of my life rich in doubts, transformations, experiments. And also some sad personal matters.

And I want to start anew exactly from the end of the worst moment of my life, direct to the new exciting things that I'll experiment from now on.

Exactly 16 days after a very bad day I finally was on the plane pointed towards my new home: the United Kingdom.

It is not only my favourite Country since I was young or a place that me and my husband visited more than 17 times in the last years together. It's the place that more than any other else make us feels comfortable and happy.

Marco (my husband) recently found a great work in a beautiful city near London called Reading and he had to start in october. Unfortunately, for a series of reasons, I couldn't move with him from the start. And, finally, I was really close to live together with him again after the longest time in our life we were parted.

At the airport there was my entire family. I don't know how to explain how much they all are dear to me, how much they do and have done for us. I love them. I wish I would have knew in that moment that my plane was about to decide to start the flight 2 hours later, we could have spent a bit of time more together. It seemed all very faster (also because I am always terrified at the idea of losing a plane or a train and I'm use to arrive an excessive time before the moment of getting on board).
Or maybe not, the ticket for car parking at Fiumicino airport is VERY expensive.

Anyway, after some time that seemed like eternal, I finally arrived - exhausted - at London Gatwick.

That night was falling the first snow of the year (one of the reasons for that long trip) so my luggages comes to me happy to be completely drenched. But it's ok, I was too relieved to find them immediately if I have to be sincere.

My husband was waiting for me.
I knew that he would been there for me but anyway I can't describe the feeling of joyfulness, of ease and comfort, of gratitude at his sight. But there were all of them and so much more.

It was late so we spent the night in the near Hotel.

And there he prepared a delightful and unexpected present for me.

The "Starter Kit" or "The Welcome Kit".

All began with a small flower patterned suitcase laying on the bed of our room.
What could it be? I thought he purchase some cute gift like the ones in the hotels you can order together with your room reservation.

But inside the small suitcase there was... Another smaller flower patterned suitcase.

Funny... And cute.

Inside the second suitcase there were a lot of lovely little objects:
- A soft plush elephant with a soft plush heart in his trunk. We called him Eledante.
- A double decker wallet with 15 pounds inside.
- My new network rail card.
- An adorable card holder for oyster and network rail card but actually filled with two gift card: one for Paperchase and one for Primark. To buy the new fantastic things I need for my new life.
- The keys of our home.

I can't easily describe how this single action meaned to me. It cancelled all the stress and relieved the sorrow and projected me to my new beginning.

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