lunedì 17 ottobre 2011

Freelance Opportunities for Vector Artists + Flash Animators

Trovato su Deviant Art:

Pocket Gems ( is looking for talented and driven vector artists and flash animators who are available for contract work/freelance. We specialize in mobile games for the iPhone and iPad.

UNIVERSAL REQUIREMENTS: applies to all applicants and available roles
• previous work experience as a freelancer in a relevant art field (1-2 years minimum)
• fluent in English language
• applicants should be equipped with all necessary hardware and software
• proficient with Adobe Photoshop
• able to provide 20 hours/week minimum

VECTOR ARTISTS: Job Requirements
• proficient with Adobe Illustrator
• strong technical skills and execution in art foundation
• understanding in color theory, composition
• experience in concept art production (ex: taking a pencil sketch to finished vector art)

FLASH ANIMATOR: Job Requirements
• proficient with Adobe Flash
• proficient with Adobe Illustrator (should know how to produce vector art in both programs)
• strong understanding of animation basics and foundation
• experience in concept art production pipeline (ex: designing characters to finished animation)

• resume should outline all of your past work experience and education.
• please send a downloadable document (ex: PDF, DOC, etc.) if possible.

• please prepare 15-20 of your best pieces for review, either in a zip file or online gallery (ex: daportoflio.)
• please do not send direct links to online art blogs, if possible. Send your best work only.

If interested, please send a copy of your resume and your portfolio to:

Any direct correspondence send via DeviantArt will be ignored. Replies expressing interest posted to this thread will also be ignored - applications must be sent to the email address above to be documented and considered.

Any questions and inquiries should also be sent to same above email address - you will be answered as promptly as possible.

Thank you! We look forward to your submissions.

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